About Me

My art

My work is my play and I love playing with a variety of styles and mediums. I’m open for personal commissions, book illustrations and part-time work while I further my art education. If you see anything you would love to purchase or have work for me, just shoot me an email. My contact details are below.

Be sure to check back often as I add more content.

My Story

When I was a little girl I couldn’t see, at least not the way other people see.

After a visit to an Ophthalmologist, the doctor was shocked to learn that I could draw so well, because no one with my eyes should be able to draw. But my imaginative eyes worked better than my real eyes and helped me put on paper what I saw in my mind. I had eye therapy and glasses to teach my eyes how to work properly.

Now, my eyes work just as well as my imagination.

I’ve been drawing on the computer and on paper since I was two years old. Drawing is my thing. It gives my life purpose and meaning. I’m now a student at Otis College of Art and Design and I’m hoping to find work with a top animation company.

My art tells stories of characters I see in my imagination. Some of them can be pretty freaky but that’s me. I am a lover of all things wholesome and fantastical, spooky and bizarre. I love all forms of art and design from sculpting with clay, sketching and painting, digital art, costume design and even video editing.

I’m a huge fan of anyone who has the courage to step out the box of what people call normal and embrace their own creativity.


I will be selling copies of my book and doing personal sketches at these events.

Conscious Life Expo
Los Angeles, CA

Sedona Ascension Retreat
Sedona, AZ

Portal to Ascension Conference
San Diego, CA


I’m open for commissions, part-time work or internship while I am in school. I’m also open for book illustration. You can reach me at JacquelineFuterer@Gmail.com and let’s see how we can work together.